ROI On IT Trainings- A Dream For Present Day Organization And Its Employees

By Rajat Agarwal

In the present day scenario, every organization dreams to create a niche that is beneficial for both the organization and the employee. With the changing times, the need for keeping oneself abreast with the latest in the industry impacts the actions and strategies an organization may employ to survive. Day to day variations in the industry in turn sets the pace of change that an organization sees in every sphere or area of its functionality.

So is the case with the employee, who also sees the need of change and improvement to cope with the rising demand for “skilled workforce” in his own or any other organization. “Skills” is what defines an employee in the professional realm and helps him expand horizontally as well as vertically within an organization.
Training: A need for Today

Training and development of employees in an organization is very important. Training is needed to keep the employees' skills updated. Also insofar as it serves as a foundation for career advancement, it plays an important role in the retention of employees.

Training has undergone rapid changes over the past few decades and organizations today know the impact trainings can have on their performance. From top-level management to the lowest level in the hierarchy, every body can benefit from training.

Managers, through job analysis, can observe the level of skills at which the members of the workforce perform their jobs and the further level of proficiency required, which can help them enhance their current skills and resultantly boost the expertise of the organization as a whole. This awareness amongst the managers is resulting more and more in organizations understanding the value and need of training and taking appropriate measures for getting their staff trained.

A vital “Specific” of a generic entirety: IT Training

Training in itself is a very general term, but various fields have emerged in this broad domain. Organizations may go in for trainings of various kinds, ranging from basic level operational training to quality, managerial, technical and many more trainings.

In the midst of all these trainings, IT training has acquired a very fundamental and important place in today’s working community. From a small manufacturing firm to a hardcore technical company, IT has touched everywhere. To meet the challenges of the present day, every company whether big or small, is setting up infrastructures that exploit information technology tools.

Maintaining an equal stand with the rest of the community is a major factor that drives organizations to provide their employees with trainings. These trainings can be general, which are necessary to run the daily work of the organization and some specific, which is indispensable for the job an employee is performing. Different needs of an organization will determine what kind of training it needs to provide its employees, a training that increases their basic level of knowledge or one that gets them certified in different technologies of IT.

Trainings: A definite Return on investments

Trainings have proved advantageous for organizations as well as employees. The benefits are not short lived but long-term assets that bring out the best in both the employee and the employer. Apart from individual benefits they also strengthen the bond between the two and increases the working pleasure for both the employee and the employer.

What an Organization gains in return of providing training to its employee is:
  • A Cost effective method of improving organizational performance
  • A Skilled Pool of Multi-faceted Employees
  • Increased expertise in different technologies
  • Enhanced Brand Value
  • Rise in Efficiency and loyalty of the employees
What an Employee gains by getting trained is:
  • Increased expertise in different technologies
  • Improved working efficiency
  • A Cost effective way of enhancing academic and professional skills
  • A sure shot way of professional advancement
How Whizlabs helps:

IT industry has seen tremendous instability since last 3 years. Direct impact of which went to the software professionals. They were either kept waiting on the bench with nothing to code or were simply told to leave. Imagine if they were trained on higher technologies or were simply given a chance to upgrade their skills, the kind of resource pool an organization would have been having at this time of boom. Not only highly skilled but efficient and loyal pool of software professionals. In such a scenario online trainings will go a long distance in creating this niche pool.

Whizlabs conducts instructor-led online trainings/ coaching for IT technologies and certifications using third party virtual classroom solutions. Since past one year Whizlabs has provided training to more than 100 IT professionals in various IT domains.

For details please visit http://www.whizlabs.com/corporate/corporate.html

About the Author:
Rajat Agarwal

Manager, Corporate Sales
Whizlabs Software Pvt Ltd

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