Could XML and Web services improve your productivity?
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Learn how XML and Web services can enhance your organization’s productivity

Do you have silos of information that you are unable to integrate across the enterprise? Does the line outside the IT manager’s office seem to go on forever?

If so, please join Inmagic, Inc., and Outsell analyst, Marc Strohlein, on November 13, 2003 at 1:00 PM EST for a FREE Web Seminar entitled, “Content management that fuels the real-time enterprise: The growing importance of XML and Web services.”

In this seminar you will learn how organizations are increasing productivity by effectively integrating content across the enterprise.

The presentation will focus on what are often called the new “service oriented architectures,” discussing the roles that XML and Web services play in allowing the effective integration of content across the enterprise. Specific business needs driving the adoption of these new technologies will be discussed. There will also be examples of ways in which organizations are effectively integrating Web services to spur improvements in productivity and delivery of the real-time information that is vital in today’s competitive environment.

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