Security Training: Ethical Hacking and Computer Forensics

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The “Homeless Hacker,” Adrian Lamo, something of a legend among hackers for his brazen exploits, media savvy and rootless lifestyle was arrested last week on charges that he hacked the New York Times, viewing confidential employee records and running up fees of up to $300,000 on the paper's Lexis-Nexis account. Yahoo! and eBay have all also been victims of hacker attacks.

Don’t let your company be the next to suffer.
You have to think like a hacker to stop an attack !

Vigilar, the industry’s leading Information Security training provider, is now showcasing our most demanded courses: Computer Forensics and Hacking and Assessment. Learn from the experts, and gain the skills necessary to combat the worst hacker threats.
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Computer Forensics Overview:
- Introduction to Computer Crime
- Disk Storage Concepts
- Forensics Examination
- Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence
- Tools of the Trade
- Seizure Concepts
- Cyberterrorism
- Electronic Discovery, and Acquisition
- much more...
Hacking and Assessment Overview:
- Understanding Attackers
- Open Source Intelligence
- Securing the Perimeter
- Scanning Networks for Vulnerabilities
- How Attacks Work
- Common Vulnerabilities Within Windows
- Common Vulnerabilities Within UNIX
- Designing Secure Networks
- much more...

The Value of Vigilar Training:
- Courses offered nationwide
- Industry renowned instructors
- Highest pass rate in the Industry
- Unmatched learning environment
- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Vigilar also offers the following Information Security courses:
- CWP® (Certified Wireless Professional)
- CCSA®,CCSE®,and NSA® (Check Point and Nokia Combined)
- CCSA®, CCSE® and CCSE+® (3 Check Point Certifications)
- Hacking and Assessment
- CCSP® (Cisco Certified Security Professional)
- CCNA™ / Firewall Security
- Security +

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