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Saturday, August 30, 2003 Click Here

IT Questions
Challenge: Windows vs. Linux

Choose your winner now...
Challenge: Windows vs. Linux
In the right corner I give you : ``LINUX``

In the left corner Microsoft gave you : ‘’WINDOWS’’

Just say the word…before it’s too late…

Nalex: Windows is great for a home desktop, great for playing games and chatting. Linux is tailored more for biz. I wouldn't want my server any other flavor than choco-linux..... Read Replies

 Posted by: daniel-flavius View Post  |  Click To Comment


I'm new to this forum, and I'm mainly a print designer, but I've been teaching myself web design over the last year. I would appreciate constructive critiques of my site from either an aesthetic or technical viewpoint. I would be happy to review your site in return.

  Review/Comment on Site

IT Questions

Most newbies that are hackers will use whatever info you supply, along with their knowledge, to do whatever damage they can. As a professional who has been on both sides of the fence, first as a haxor and now as a SSA, I would never divulge any info that points to any vulnerabilities to a specific hole. You're just asking for trouble. Speak to a professional and have that person show the owner the vulnerabilities. I know its very expensive, but trust me, its worth the money... Read Replies

 Posted by: links411 View Post  |  Click To Comment

MySQL and PHP on a Mac OS

Any Mac users here...?

Maybe someone could help me... I would like to learn MySQL and PHP, and I use Mac OS 9.2. Is it possible?
Mac OS 9.2
I don't want to update to osx. Can i put a mysql database on a external hosting or just i a local hosting (my computer)?

Thanks for your help!

Read Replies

 Posted by: xtruthpath View Post  |  Click To Comment

maumau22: I need information on how to set up streaming capability for MP3s to both MAC and PC

lupole: Have you tried They have a free download that can make your streams. I have used them for some of my work on my site.... Read Replies

Posted by: maumau22 View Post | Click To Comment

IT Questions
Noisy Old HP Fan

Anyone got any ideas for quieting down the cooling fan on my HP Pav 9720 Tower (AMD 900)? It's got a dog-leg plastic fan housing and the mother-of-all-fans blowing onto the CPU - it's just sooooo noisy. Back at Xmas I moved the studio round and it sat in a corner - the walls reflected the sound and I ended up having to get my ears syringed - I guess it was because of the constant drone of the fan, it really is a powerful but noisy old thing. I moved it out of it's corner but it still disturbs my peace.

I unplug it from the board every once in a while until the thing gets hot but have to keep an eye out that I don't cook it.

Any ideas greatly appreciated - Many thanks in advance from my ears... Read Replies

Posted by: paulo View Post | Click To Comment
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"Do I spend too much time online? YOU BETCHA!!!

I get separation anxiety when I walk away from my computer! I NEED my computer!

Whew, I'm glad I got that off my back...I feel so much better now! ;)

Thanks for the fun topic, guys..."

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GodzillaUser: Godzilla
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Category: Internet Industry
Identity Management Could Backfire

I guess here I'm probably the only one who is close to Microsoft (but I still do not trust them): I'm using Windows XP, MS Office, MSN on the regularly basis. And even worse, I had my computer (until recently) configured to manage a small home network...
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