Remote Keyboard, Video and Mouse Access via Web Browser
You can access to the BIOS level of your servers or serial devices anytime, anywhere with full KVM control via a Web Browser or VNC.

24/7 Automatic Server Monitoring
Kaveman monitors server functions and notifies you before any server problems become critical.

Highly Secure Deployment
Kaveman utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption for all keyboard and mouse signal and supports SSH and VPN environments. In addition, Kaveman offers specialized security features including the Turtle mode and Stealth mode.

Non-Intrusive To Your Network Environment
As a stand alone device that requires no additional software or hardware to install, Kaveman minimizes the potential impact on your servers.

Remote Power Cycling
You can power cycle, turn on/off any connected device over IP simply using a common Browser. Tel: 1-866-922-2333

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