Microsoft Decides to Abandon Internet Explorer

Chris Crum   March 19th, 2015

Yes, this is a headline from 2015. You might think that Microsoft’s much-maligned web browser has been dying for years – and you’d be right. But now it’s seemingly official. Microsoft is abandoning the Internet Explorer brand.

Microsoft has already announced its brand new web browser, codenamed Project Spartan. And we’ve had more than subtle hints that IE was on the way out. But speaking at an event on Monday, Microsoft’s Chris Capossela all but nailed the final nail in the coffin.

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Is Your Technology Saving Your Business Time and Money?

Chris Crum   March 10th, 2015

Everyone is familiar with the saying, “Time is money.” That phrase isn’t lost when it comes to running your business. I’m sure you’re all too aware that as time ticks away, money can be slipping out the door. Guess what? The technology services you select for your business can actually help you out in ways you might not have considered: by saving you time and money. Today, I want to talk to you about a new service from CenturyLink Business: Managed Office.

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Microsoft Office Storage Options Available on iOS

Chris Crum   February 19th, 2015

Microsoft just announced a new Cloud Storage Partner Program for Office, enabling third-party storage providers such as Box, Citrix ShareFile and Salesforce to connect their services to Office Online for document viewing and editing.

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Microsoft Highlights Brand New Windows 10 Features

Chris Crum   January 29th, 2015

In September, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10, launching an early technical preview for PC on October 1. With the release, Microsoft highlighted advancements for the enterprise and collaboration as well as consistency across devices. It adapted to Xbox, PCs, phones, tablets, and other “tiny gadgets” to delivery that consistency.

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Reports Indicate Microsoft is Working on New Internet Browser

Jacob Morgan   January 8th, 2015

Microsoft has a new web browser in the works, according to a new report. ZDNet reports, citing more than one source, that Microsoft is building a new browser, codenamed Spartan, which is separate from Internet Explorer.

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Chromecast Support Comes To Chrome OS

Chris Crum   November 26th, 2014

The beauty of Google’s $35 Chromecast streaming device is that the company as well as third parties can keep adding support for additional products and features, which means ultimately it just gets more and more useful.

Google announced an update for its Chrome OS operating system, which powers Chromebook devices, to enable Chromecast support for media files stored on Google Drive.

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Is Your Site Secure? Who Are You Telling About It?

Stoney deGeyter   October 30th, 2014

It seems barely a month passes before we hear about another significant breach in some major retailer’s credit card database. It’s getting to the point that many shoppers are gong back to good old fashioned greenbacks. While that may work at physical stores, it’s not really an option for online stores.

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How corporate IT is actually killing employee communications

Arik Hanson   October 9th, 2014

Years ago, I worked for an accounting and consulting firm here in Minneapolis. They ran their systems on Lotus Notes.

For those of you born after 1985, Lotus Notes is an operating system that runs all sorts of programs internally for big organizations, including email. It’s actually surprisingly easy to use, and simple. But it’s extremely dated.

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Special Google App Now Allows Users To Install Apps Without Admin Permissions

Chris Crum   September 18th, 2014

Google announced on Wednesday that employees of Google Apps-using businesses and organizations can now install apps from the Google Apps Marketplace without having to involve the administrator. In the past, admins were required to install the apps , so this should save them a lot of time.

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New Pricing and Features List Comes To Dropbox Pro

Chris Crum   August 28th, 2014

Dropbox announced that it is now offering a single plan for Dropbox Pro at $9.99 per month for 1 TB of space. Previously, it would have cost $500 per year for half of that space. Now it will cost you about $120 for all of it.

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